Lawton’s Cove is a small waterfront housekeeping cottage resort located on Doe Lake in the near north area of Ontario. It consists of eight 2 and 3 bedroom cottages each with a clear view of and access to the lake. It is readily available, less than 2 kms off Highway 11 north just north of the town of Huntsville in Muskoka. Each cottage has modern facilities

  1.  hot water,
  2. frost free fridges,
  3. modern electric stoves,
  4. microwaves

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  • Campfire

    Kids love a campfire Img_1436__400x300__thumb
  • Picnic

    Getting ready for the Campfire Hot_dog_thumb
  • Enjoying the Beach

    Our guests love the beach Img_1429__400x300__thumb
  • the raft

    Fun on the raft Img_1433__400x300__thumb
  • Birthday Party

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